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A weekly Podcast where our Fabulous heroes delve into the world of Comic Books, Movies, TV Shows, and other content!  A World of Warcraft Podcast centered around tanking. It stars the two co-tanks of Gquit Puddin and Shiny! “Thinking Too Hard” is the show that dares to answer the question of “Why does did that suck?” In only the classiest of rants. Hosted by the occasionally inebriated Meagan, the connoisseur of nerd rage.


The Who Review, where the Troll Casters come together weekly to geek out about the latest episode of Doctor Who, or just the Doctor in general.  Hear Meagan and Ward nerd out hardcore about the latest World of Warcraft news. Dustin and Demented team up to do a podcast about comics, their movies, and the news about them!








Do not judge us
We watched the 16th Annual Webby Awards. Fuck you stop judging us!