Laptops? What the fuck?

Have you ever wanted to know more about the podcasting heroes here at Now here is your chance to learn more about them and how YOU can contact your favorite on-air personality.  Now you maybe thinking to yourselves “What can I say to people of such class and style to get them to notice me?”. The answer my friend is just be yourself and contact them! Here at we love to hear from our fans the good and the bad.

Paint is awesome

Or maybe you are a up and coming writer or artist and want to get the word out about your work? Well my friend the first step is to contact us and we will get you on the show! Or do you want to advertise on our network? Well we are willing to whore ourselves out to get your product out there and for the right price we will even throw in a night of passion and action with Dustin. And again the first step is to get in contact with us.


We are always looking for sponsors and this is your chance to get in on the ground floor of the future of entertainment. Podcasts like the ones found here on will soon be the next big thing. Just a few years ago Hollywood looked down on television and felt it was a second rate form of entertainment. Now my friends it is now equal if not superior to the film industry and the internet has taken it’s place as the red headed step-child.


With the magic of the internet and the dark powers it commands it is easier than ever!

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