Wax Poetic: No more wipeouts

If there’s one thing I miss, it’s racing games. Now I know what you’re all thinking of. “But Cuddlebug, there’s a ton of racing games out there. A new one comes out every few months and to much critical acclaim.” … Continue reading

Wax Poetic: All along the grand marketing campaign

All along the grand marketing campaign By Dr. Cuddlebug Games and movies have a very eclectic relationship people know and seem to understand to a certain extent. I remember Mad Magazine said it well with “I don’t know what’s worse. … Continue reading

Wax Poetic: Egyptians and generations

Everyone knows why the Egyptians built the pyramids right? Pharaohs wanted to be remembered after they died, because even they knew and admired the ones who lived long enough to have one erected in their honor When I think upon … Continue reading