Tales from the Haunted Vagina

Dustin, Demented, Meagan, and Ward talk about scandals in the DC comic world! SUPERMAN DUMPS LOUIS FOR WONDERWOMAN! OOOOH! SNAAAP! Talks of demonic sequels are also brought up and their whorish horror. What’s this?! Brian Posehn and his pal will be writing for the new Deadpool series?! WOOOH! Bill Murray is seemingly touring as a party crasher and might not be in Ghost Busters 3! :'( Dustin rages about Warehouse 13 having to run like six plots an episode to fill 44 minutes and gets Meagan to see the light! MORE MEL GIBSON INSULTS! X-files related scandal as well! Fapfapfapfapfap! Guess who the fuck took down notes this episode?!


Oh, and fuck you, Chris. I will burn your house down and poop into your computer tower if you send in another shit E-mail.

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