Batman Ninja Shaving Dustin and Demented burst through the window of your eardrums for another epic episode! They try and start a proper discussion about Hero’s paying for the collateral damages caused in their fights, and fail because they totally agree in … Continue reading

Bill and Ted Meet Frankenstein A slightly late release of the second in a four part month-long special of Media Trolls! There’s a glorious Thinking Too Hard, talk about the Ye Olde Universal Horror Movies of Olde, and there might even be a bear! … Continue reading

Tales from the Haunted Vagina Dustin, Demented, Meagan, and Ward talk about scandals in the DC comic world! SUPERMAN DUMPS LOUIS FOR WONDERWOMAN! OOOOH! SNAAAP! Talks of demonic sequels are also brought up and their whorish horror. What’s this?! Brian Posehn and his pal … Continue reading