Panda Boogaloo Possibly the most rambling episode of Warcraft Trolls yet as Ward’s computer goes on the fritz and forces the Warcraft Trolls to… Not play much WoW this week! Dun dun dun. Still, they find plenty to nerd about, and … Continue reading

Don't Stop PvPing Meagan and Ward are back after their technical issues for even more rambling! Mostly about Pet Battles and the new Landfall quest story. Come see what’s in the booox?! (Hint: It is a Sha.) Email us at or … Continue reading

Landfall is a Battlefield In a very musical special episode, Meagan and Ward discuss all the facets of the new content patch 5.1: Landfall. Including new dailies, lore, Brawler’s Guild, Darkmoon Fair and more. Plus two new WoW songs! Don’t forget to send … Continue reading