A Challenger Approaches

http://www.trollcasts.com/Warcrafttrolls/WarcraftTrolls49.mp3 Meagan and Ward discuss their attempts at challenge mode, the epic Elegon kerfuffle, and the great Ulduar derp. … Continue reading

Sheep Go To Heaven

http://www.trollcasts.com/Warcrafttrolls/WarcraftTrolls43.mp3 One of the longest and most surreal episodes of Warcraft Trolls to date, with super rants and extra Gamer Goat. … Continue reading

Operation Pink Flamingo

http://www.trollcasts.com/Warcrafttrolls/Warcraft%20Trolls%2021.mp3 Meagan rants about another failed attempt to tame the pink crane. Also talk of raiding, transmog, pets, 5.2 and balls! Along with another skit and new song. Follow us on twitter @MeaganTC or @WardisaTwit or send us questions or … Continue reading