Bane and Adam Sandler Dou Dustin, Demented, and Meagan return last week with another hilarious and informative episode! Talk of a new starring role for Hugh Laurie in Crossbones, the new DC Block, how horrid The Joker can actually be, and Guardians of the … Continue reading

Wax Poetic: No more wipeouts

If there’s one thing I miss, it’s racing games. Now I know what you’re all thinking of. “But Cuddlebug, there’s a ton of racing games out there. A new one comes out every few months and to much critical acclaim.” … Continue reading

Wax Poetic: All along the grand marketing campaign

All along the grand marketing campaign By Dr. Cuddlebug Games and movies have a very eclectic relationship people know and seem to understand to a certain extent. I remember Mad Magazine said it well with “I don’t know what’s worse. … Continue reading