Midlife Choppers

http://www.trollcasts.com/Warcrafttrolls/WarcraftTrolls86.mp3 Meagan and Ward discuss Blizz’s midlife crisis, completely with irrational purchases.

Alt Parade

http://www.trollcasts.com/Warcrafttrolls/WarcraftTrolls53.mp3 Meagan and Ward talk about avoiding getting ready for 5.4 in favor of their favorite distraction: Alts. … Continue reading

Summer Ambiance

http://www.trollcasts.com/Warcrafttrolls/WarcraftTrolls52.mp3 Meagan and Ward party with the windows open on this particularly hot summer night. Topics of discussion include pet battles, leveling alts, The World’s End and Meagan’s weeaboo past.