Special Edition Extended Cut

http://www.trollcasts.com/Warcrafttrolls/WarcraftTrolls100.mp3 Meagan and Ward celebrate episode 100 with a super long show, featuring guests from the Co-Tank Podcast, Puddin and Shiny!   Editor’s note: When Shiny comes on you will need to crank up the volume. I tried. … Continue reading

Butt wings

http://www.trollcasts.com/Warcrafttrolls/WarcraftTrolls75.mp3 Ward discuss Meagan’s latest derp kitty achievement, along with Star Trek and pigstickers.


http://www.trollcasts.com/Warcrafttrolls/warcrafttrolls38.mp3 Meagan and Ward talk about their plans for 5.3 along with other rants and rambles and lots of fume induced giggling. … Continue reading