Oh No, Not Again

http://www.trollcasts.com/Warcrafttrolls/WarcraftTrolls42.mp3 For their 42nd episode Meagan and Ward ponder what was broken with Man of Steel as well as talk about leveling and gearing new alts, the bats to awesome ratio and the latest news about Patch 5.4. … Continue reading

Batman Ninja Shaving

http://www.trollcasts.com/tradepaperback/PodcastTPB02Final.mp3 Dustin and Demented burst through the window of your eardrums for another epic episode! They try and start a proper discussion about Hero’s paying for the collateral damages caused in their fights, and fail because they totally agree in … Continue reading

Ward is a Nazi X-Men?!

http://www.trollcasts.com/mediastuff/Media%20Trolls%20036.mp3 Dustin, Demented, and Meagan are finally back with a new episode of Media Trolls! Ward even returns because his beard is back! We talk about Batman, the original Batmobile, The Justice League Movie and how it will probably sucks! … Continue reading