Warcraft 101

http://www.trollcasts.com/Warcrafttrolls/WarcraftTrolls101.mp3 Meagan and Ward actually talk about Warcraft on the show! … Continue reading

It begins!

http://www.trollcasts.com/cotank/cotankcast001.mp3 Shiny and Puddin discuss tanking, the good the bad and the ugly of tanks, and rp pvp and raiding stuff as tanks. … Continue reading

Warlords of Bunny Ranches

http://www.trollcasts.com/Warcrafttrolls/WarcraftTrolls73.mp3 Meagan and Ward discuss what they’re pretty sure garrisons are going to devolve into, along with tales of The Sims, some movie talk, an on air spider battle, and even some Warcraft talk!